Fly Through These Airports and You'll Never Hate Airports Again

Fly Through These Airports and You'll Never Hate Airports Again


Fly Through These Airports and You'll Never Hate Airports Again

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Whether you're traveling across the country or across the globe, there's no doubt that airports are where many travelers get their first impressions of their destinations. It's not just a place for airplanes to land and take off but also a place where tourists can get some idea of the local language, culture, and cuisine!

Here are RoadGoat's favorite airports in each region that will deliver amazing experiences.

Portland International Airport

Portland, Oregon

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More comfy places to sit. More places to shop. Amazing views. An even better PDX: coming soon. #PDXNext

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There's a reason why PDX, located in - Portland, Oregon, USA - is named the best airport in the United States! Where else can you find an airport featuring a retro carpet that's adored by hipsters around the world? The carpet has its own instagram account with over 20,000 followers and its pattern has been used for Nike and Adidas shoes, among other things.

PDX also has its own spa, a barbershop, and a mini-movie theater where you can actually watch some free flicks. Moreover, Deschutes and Hopworks breweries are located here, along with convenience stores that sell cold craft beer from local favorites such as Cascade Brewery. Go ahead and take one right to your gate.

To further its artsy and quirky image, PDX also has volunteer musicians that play anything from classical, jazz, or contemporary music for travelers to enjoy.

And has a branch of world-famous Powell's Books, the world's largest independent bookstore. Don't miss your flight while you lose hours in here!

It's never a dull moment at PDX.

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Never a dull day at PDX. #flypdx

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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver, Canada

With each of its terminal buildings representing a specific geographic and cultural region, YVR - located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - houses the world's largest collection of Northwest Coast Native art. Each stunning piece of artwork and architecture reflects the diversity of British Columbia's flourishing landscape and people. One cannot miss these sculptures that are placed around the airport. Thus, YVR is it's own museum of a sort.

YVR even has its own aquarium and hosts its own honey bees! How cool is that?

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It’s nature time! 🌷🐝 Have you heard the latest buzz? YVR now has honey bees! In order to improve the air and water quality around Sea Island, YVR now hosts thousands of bees in partnership with @alveolebuzz — a social bee keeping company. This falls within our many efforts to be an industry leader when it comes to running an eco-conscious airport. These Italian Honey Bees are only interested in collecting nectar and returning to the hive so YVR passengers and Sea Island residents don’t need to worry about stings! At the end of the season the honey will be collected and we need ideas for what to do with it! What do you think? 🍯 Check out the video in our bio for more. . . . . . . #yvr #yvrairport #bees #sustainability #alveole #airport #airportlife #seaisland #vancouver #vancouverbc #vancity #vancouverisawesome #britishcolumbia #canada

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In addition, this airport offers a pharmacy, dental and medical clinic if one happens to need some care. Other cool amenities include a spa, a 24 hour nursery, and ambassador dogs for you to cuddle with before your trip. This airport is like an adventure on its own, and one can never get bored of it!

Princess Juliana International Airport

Sint Maarten

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The Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), the main airport for the island of Saint Martin (also spelled Sint Maarten in Dutch). The island is part Dutch and part French. What really makes SXM memorable is the amazing close-up views of plane landings at Maho Beach. Where else in the world can one watch a plane glide overhead just a few feet above? Grab a beer at Sunset Bar and Grill next door and watch out for the jet blasts!

Singapore Changi International Airport


Ranked the world's best airport a whopping seven consecutive years, the Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is no doubt a luxury destination on its own. In 2019, SIN opened up the "Jewel" - a luxury mall that doubles as an indoor rainforest. How amazing is that?

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Just can't get enough 🤩 #jewelchangiairport #singapore #thisissingapore Photo credit @_azfk

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The Jewel hosts the world's largest indoor waterfall, which is seven stories tall and falls into a lagoon below. It's truly a wonder to behold. Travelers can walk through the forest trails or take the skytrain (which runs next the waterfall).

SIN also boasts a Canopy Park that has a 164 feet long glass bridge that's 75 feet off the ground, complete with mirror and hedge mazes.

In addition, there's a free movie theater, butterfly garden, sunflower garden, cactus garden and more! There are always things to do and places to explore at this airport.

Combining beautiful architecture, nature, and amenities, it's no wonder SIN is the best in the world.

Koh Samui International Airport

Koh Samui, Thailand

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Koh Samui International Airport (USM), located on the Thai island of Koh Samui, is named one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Surrounded by its famous luxury beach resorts, dense jungle, and coconut groves, the airport architecture and interior itself reflects the tropical nature of its surroundings. It has a persona of a tropical paradise, with most of its facilities being outdoors!

USM also offers travelers a nice spa and stores where they can shop in. Unlike most airport malls, stores and restaurants are located outdoors, where they're surrounded by coconut trees on Samui Park Avenue. This airport is like a resort in itself, emulating the gorgeous nature of Koh Samui right when passengers step off the plane. Even the smoking area is beautiful!

Haneda International Airport

Tokyo, Japan

Haneda Airport (HND) - located in Tokyo, Japan - is Japan's largest and busiest airport for good reason! Perhaps more than any other airport in the world, Haneda captures the breadth of its country's local culture.

There's a lot of amazing things one can do at this airport, which includes crossing a 25m replica bridge of the actual Nihonbashi ('Japan Bridge') in Tokyo. HND also has 'Edo Alley' (also known as Edo Koji), where it's like an actual mini-street of Edo-inspired architecture right inside the airport itself. Travelers can head there to grab udon, green tea, and yakitori while reveling in the ancient feeling of Edo design.

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